Irina's personal journey

Irina's personal journey

Irina's personal journey took an unexpected turn when she faced thyroid cancer. This life-changing experience ignited a quest for wellness, leading her to uncover the harsh truth about toxicity of conventional beauty products. She took a deep dive into all the different ways to support wellness in her life. Considering that skin is the largest human organ and anything we put on it may be absorbed into our bloodstream, Irina believes that we have to “feed” the skin with the purest, most organic natural ingredients, and “If you cannot ingest it, don’t put it on your skin!”.

From today's perspective she believes, that sometimes the most challenging circumstances can open very unexpected doors, as we all learn in our life. For her, the shocking cancer diagnose opened the door of awareness to the fact that our personal care products are made with ingredients which are not always the best for us. She transformed the frustration into a passion for creating a skincare line that is good for both the people and the planet. And most importantly, to spread awareness and help women use clean natural skincare products.

For Irina this deep life changing health crisis was really the ultimate motivator and with the help and support of her son, they built PURFECT. Simply put, Dimitre is the brain of the company and the creator of the business model, and Irina has put her soul and love in PURFECT’s products and they are truly her inspiration.
With Irina’s heartfelt commitment and Dimitre’s business savvy PURFECT, a clean skincare company based in San Francisco was established.

The PURFECT experience is proof of resilience. Their commitment remained unwavering despite the difficulties of debuting in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation of the brand philosophy is purity and openness. PURFECT upholds the principles of integrity, moral accountability, and a strong bond with the environment.

Choose PURFECT, where every drop is a step towards not just skincare perfection, but a holistic celebration of your unique beauty. This is more than a routine, this is a revelation – a revelation of radiant, healthy skin that reflects the harmony within you and the world around you.

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