Pure and Effective


Welcome to PURFECT, where beauty meets purity in every drop. Our commitment to skincare goes beyond the surface – we believe that your skin is a reflection of your mind, body and the environment. That is why, at PURFECT, we practice a bioholistic approach to skin health.

Our story begins in the vibrant city of San Francisco, where a small but mighty team is on a mission to redefine the skincare. Nestled in the heart of innovation, our passion drives us to prove that beauty products can be pure, effective and at the same time luxurious and affordable.

The PURFECT adventure started with a strong mother-son partnership, driven by a
deep commitment to purity, sustainability, and conscious beauty. Founded in 2020 year by Irina and her youngest son, Dimitre, the brand symbolizes the fusion of innovation and tradition, Nature and science. The reason came from a very deep personal place.


Explore the world of PURFECT, where every drop tells a story of dedication, transparency, and the pursuit of skincare perfection. Your journey to radiant, healthy skin starts here.


The Brand name itself, PURFECT is a fusion of PURE + EFFECT, symbolizing our mission to provide Pure and Effective Skincare. We are driven by the conviction that beauty should be as genuine as it is efficacious. It is a straightforward but meaningful aim.

What sets PURFECT apart is our unwavering focus on providing an extraordinary experience. The highest European standards are applied to every formulation, ingredient and stage of the production cycle to guarantee the greatest level of quality. Your skincare routine with PURFECT is not just a regimen, it is an indulgent ritual designed to unveil your most glow, resilient, and youthful-looking skin.


At PURFECT, we stand by the principles of purity, simplicity, and effectiveness. We believe that skincare should be a ritual of indulgence, with NO compromises on quality. Our commitment is unwavering – we never cut corners, and we never dilute with water. Why? Because you deserve the highest quality ingredients in their purest and most concentrated form.

Luxury skincare can be perplexing, but we are here to simplify the journey. We have spent countless hours perfecting formulations and conducting extensive research to present you with the very best. Our organic active ingredients – seed oils, proudly bear the prestigious COSMOS certification, a testament to their purity and effectiveness.

We understand that your time and money are valuable, and that is why we are here to prove that high-quality, clean skincare does not have to be elusive. Transparency is at the core of our values – we want you to know exactly what is in our products and, equally important, what is not.



Too many luxury brands dilute their formulas with water. We don't skimp on quality ingredients.


Our products are made in Europe under stricter cosmetic standards. Any oil used in production is COSMOS certified.


We excite our customers with innovative, luxurious ingredients like white truffle & damascena rose oil.



We combine high quality plant-based ingredients sourced from Italy, Bulgaria, Germany & North Africa with sophisticated formulas and luxurious packaging. Our entire range is vegan, cruelty free & free of synthetic dyes, parabens or alcohol and most of the active ingredients are COSMOS certified organic.

PURFECT White Truffle Creams are dermatologically tested in one of the best labs in Germany for allergens and is EXCELLENT certified. Our production labs are in Europe and the production cycle is under strict European Union standards - from formulation and testing through to sourcing and packaging, right down to the final product.

The Luxurious White Truffle Day and Night Anti-Aging Creams accompanied by our Rejuvenating Unique Blend of 16 COSMOS Organic Super Seed Oils, synergistically formulated within our Face and Eye Serums - these two exceptional skincare product lines distinguished our brand in the beauty market.

PURFECT's unique blend of luxurious formulations, ethical practices, affordability, and commitment to innovation positions it as a new generation player in the beauty landscape, catering to the discerning needs of individuals seeking effective and holistic skincare solutions.